Gastronomy, Fine Italian Cuisine, Fusion of different Food Experiences and Cultures

These concepts represent the core of the Ambrogio15 Group’s philosophy.

Our journey began with Pizza

It began with Pizza at our first restaurant, Ambrogio15 Pacific Beach. Our goal was to elevate the most iconic Italian dish, often considered “fast food,” to a unique dining experience focused on high-quality ingredients and creative combinations of flavors.

Exploring the Italian Cuisine

Over the years, we realized that we wanted to explore more than just the pizza world to make a difference in San Diego and the United States; most importantly, we felt we needed to bring a new and fresh perspective on Italian Cuisine.

Partnership with Michelin Starred Ristorante Acquerello

That’s why, in 2020, we began our journey with Michelin Starred Ristorante Acquerello from Fagnano Olona, near Milano, and their talented team of chefs and gastronomes, leaded by “Maestro” Silvio Salmoiraghi, one of the most renowned and awarded Italian Chefs.

Our Projects

Today, this has become a strong partnership that encompasses several different projects: the most iconic Thin-Crust Pizza in San Diego (Ambrogio15 Pacific Beach, Ambrogio 15 Little Italy), a Milano-inspired Modern Cuisine (Ambrogio15 Del Mar), an Online Store with a wide selection of Italian Natural Wines and Gourmet Groceries (Ambrogio15 Online Store), a Fine Dining, 8 Course Tasting Menu Concept Ambrogio by Acquerello La Jolla), an Upscale 5,000sf Restaurant with a Futuristic Mixology program (Ambrogio15 Biltmore Fashion Park, Arizona).

Welcome to Ambrogio15 Group

We are excited to welcome our guests, and we are confident that we will be able to take you on an authentic journey focused on contemporary Italian cuisine, looking to the future without forgetting the traditions, experiences and people that made us who we are.

"It matters not what you paint, but how and why you paint it"

The Milano Pizza Experience

Milano-Inspired Modern Cusine

Gourmet Groceries & Organic Wines

Pizza Express

Modern Italian Restaurant

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