TripAdvisor Rates Ambrogio15 Best Restaurant in San Diego

June 13, 2018 0

The votes are in! Ambrogio15 is honored to be ranked the Best Restaurant in San Diego by TripAdvisor. It’s likely that because  TripAdvisor is a one-stop-shop for reviewing and booking restaurants and lodging that it’s also the most visited travel website on the internet. San Diego alone receives about 35 million visitors annually, many of whom presumably rely on TripAdvisor’s  interactive platform for suggestions. This day and age you don’t plan a trip without scrolling through TripAdvisor—it has essentially become the “Google” for travel and dining worldwide.

The Best Restaurant in San Diego is Measured by Consumer Reviews

One of TripAdvisor’s biggest appeals is its honest, user-generated content. In fact, consumers have submitted to the American-based site over 630 million reviews and counting. Individuals have become more hands-on in researching plans for themselves versus using travel agents and concierge services. It’s fair to say society also values more the accounts of real people than expensive advertisements. By hosting a user forum, including a Q&A section, TripAdvisor bares the dual purpose of connecting peoples’ first hand experience with those who read or want to learn about them. With great gratitude we are named the Best Restaurant in San Diego because of real people who had a good time, and went onto share the details via TripAdvisor.

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Filled Green Bubbles Define TripAdvisor’s Best Rated Restaurant

Authentic, impartial and descriptive reviews are priceless—but there’s still a necessity for a consistent, objective definition of what makes something “the best”. TripAdvisor defines the collective consumer experience, not with stars or thumbs up or down, but with bubbles. Essentially any local place serving food is a contender for Best Restaurant in San Diego so long as it has TripAdvisor reviews. Those writing the reviews get to speak (i.e. type) their piece in as much or little detail they see fit. Reviewers are also responsible for deciding how many of five bubbles to fill on behalf of that business. One green bubble is the worst ranking a reviewer can give while five green bubbles is of course the best. TripAdvisor readily displays the percentage of viewers who voted for each bubble rating. Everyone’s got to appreciate that all inclusive disclosure.

Our Strive to Always be “Five Green Bubbles” Worthy

Relatively speaking, Ambrogio15 is much newer than a lot of the San Diego restaurants reviewed on TripAdvisor. We can’t say we weren’t a little shocked (in a good way) to learn we’re ranked #1 out 4,114 as Best Restaurant in San Diego. We aim to stay on the “Five Green Bubble” path and to continue serving our guests top quality Italian cuisine with enthusiasm. To think, Ambrogio15 started with three guys from Milan who shared the idea to bring Milano pizza to Pacific Beach. Thanks are owed to San Diego and its visitors for embracing us, and propelling our dream further. Stay tuned for our latest venture Amrogio15 at Little Italy Food Hall to debut Summer 2018.

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