Meet the Team

Giacomo Pizzigoni


Born in Milano in 1989, Giacomo is a brand specialist with years of team experience in the restaurant and food industry. After achieving an MBA from San Diego State University, with a focus on entrepreneurship, he worked as brand and restaurant manager at Vigilucci’s Restaurant Group in San Diego and then as a consultant for numerous restaurants and food businesses in Italy. He later became partner and brand developer of a European startup, We Deliver Taste, that connects agriculture and gastronomy with the goal of increasing transparency and high-quality product trade in the global food supply chain. Here, he developed his passion for the food and beverage industry.

At Ambrogio15, Giacomo contributes to the development of a new pizza concept, where a special recipe, high-quality ingredients, and the stories behind the products and producers merge into a unique dining experience.

Favorite Wine: VB1 Vermentino from Selvadolce, Liguria, which helped him discover the natural wine world and the biodynamic agriculture and pushed him to become a wine connoisseur, expanding his knowledge towards the incredible biodiversity of his home country, Italy. 

Luca Salvi

Luca Salvi


Luca is a business analyst and enthusiastic about the restaurant business. Born and raised in Milano, he received his master’s degree in International Business in Australia, where he lived for two years.

Traveling all over the world, Luca developed his entrepreneurial mind to scout possible business opportunities. Before co-founding Ambrogio15 with the rest of the team, he worked for PWC, an international management consulting firm in the HR field. He left to follow his instincts and embark on an extraordinary and challenging adventure.

Luca is the mastermind behind the new pizza concept and has played a central role in developing Ambrogio15 into a distinct dining experience. 

Favorite Sport: Surfing, a sport and a lifestyle he learned in San Diego and mastered in Australia. Whenever he gets the chance, Luca takes his board to the ocean and enjoys the San Diego waves.

Favorite Pizza: Ambrogio15 paper-thin-crust pizza topped with buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto crudo. It reminds him of his childhood in Milano, where he used to go to his favorite pizzeria with Giacomo and other friends and where he fell in love with pizza-making process.

Andrea Burrone


Andrea is an HR expert who specializes in the foodservice industry. He fell in love with San Diego — and with his wife — during an academic semester at SDSU. 

After receiving his M.Sc. in business management from Bocconi University, taking part in a global community development program in Russia, and becoming an HR recruiter and consultant, Andrea decided to follow his passion and enter the restaurant business. He has been passionate about food since his childhood when he assisted his grandfather in wine making and vegetable gardening. 

Andrea contributes to Ambrogio15 by helping to create an enjoyable working and dining environment.

Favorite Dessert: Ambrogio15 special Torta Cioccolatina (dark chocolate cake), as it reminds him of his first date with his wife Sofia at Vigilucci’s Ristorante in Coronado, one of the most important days of his life.

Favorite Hobby: Riding on his granddad’s 1964 Vespa through the Piemonte hills. He spent two years remodeling the entire Vespa with original parts

Andrea Burrone team
Jacques Calame team

Jacques Calame

General Manager

Jacques Calame, the General Manager of Ambrogio15, began working in the hospitality industry at the age of 16 in an Italian deli in Salt Lake City, Utah. After high school, Jacques moved to San Diego to pursue a biology degree at San Diego State University.

The owners of Ambrogio15, asked him to join them, as Ambrogio15’s team first employee, at the inception of Ambrogio15. Jacques has dedicated himself to promote and execute the vision of the Ambrogio15 Milano Pizza Experience which is to provide high quality Italian food and wine in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Favorite Appetizer: 

Bresaola e Parmigiano:  It’s a simple, salty, and savory dish that I fell in love with while visiting Milan to see a close friend that I met through Ambrogio15.

Favorite Hobby: 

Hitting golf balls at the driving range right before sunset.  “At dusk, it’s refreshing looking over the freshly cut grass with the San Diego Sunset in the background.  At this time of day it’s impossible to see the shot, thus the only way to know the ball was hit well is by feel.”

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