San Diego Union Tribune calls it the “Best Pie in San Diego”

January 28, 2019 2

We recently got featured in the San Diego Union Tribune in an article written by Michele Parente: “We put a wine pro to the test: What pairs best with iconic San Diego fast foods”. The author labels our Prosciutto Crudo e Burrata pizza as the “Best pie in San Diego”

Even though, we don’t think of our Pizza as fast food, it’s true that our Pizzas being made to order in our Marana Forni oven are ready in a short amount of time… You could qualify it as fast food.

In this article, Michele Parente relates us the test that Maurice Di Marino, Wine director for Cohn Restaurant group, brought for wine pairing for casual food.

The Best pie in San Diego

“We named this crispy, thin pizza topped with delicate prosciutto and creamy burrata from Puglia one of the Top 5 bites of 2018, and it just might be the best pie in San Diego.” says the journalist who has our pizza at the #1 spot of her rankings.

Prosciutto crudo pizza at Ambrogio 15 in Little Italy: From the only Italian eatery at the new Little Italy Food Hall comes an exquisitely crisp pizza topped with a lusciously creamy burrata from Puglia that tastes like the reason people dream of going back to Italy. It’s heaven.”

The Wine pairing suggested by Maurice Di Marino after tasting a few options in our Little Italy location was a Vernaccia di Serrapetrona spumante. “Incredible! This is a sweet red sparkling wine from the Marche region of Italy. The sweetness contrasts with the salty prosciutto, and the acidity and bubbles match the burrata’s richness perfectly.”

He follows by “So, I recommend ordering take out and popping a bottle of vernaccia — the pizzas are fantastic!”

If this is something you feel like doing, we recommend that you use our online take out stores, that will get you to skip the line and be able to grab your pizza fresh out of the oven twenty minutes later. This Take Out option is available from our Pacific Beach and Little Italy locations.

We suggest that you checkout the sparkling selection of DOCG Imports, they are our wine partner.


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