Ambrogio15 Antipasti are a collection of appetizers and salads made with gourmet ingredients imported from Italy. In traditional Italian dining, antipasti are the first course to be savored before the main spread. Antipasti as well as salads, formaggi and salumi make for perfect table share plates or can serve as a meal on their own.

Insalata della casa – $8

Organic mixed greens, seasonal produce, croutons, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano DOP 24 month aged

Insalata Caprese – $11

Mozzarella fi ordilatte, local organic heirloom tomatoes, EVOO, balsamic vinegar from Modena

  • Add Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP (limited availability) – $5
  • Add Prosciutto crudo di Parma 20 month aged – $4

Insalata Siciliana – $9

Sliced oranges, fennels and onions in an orange vinaigrette, topped with Italian mixed olives and berries.

Ceasar Salad – $9

Unchopped romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons, homemade Caesar dressing, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano DOP 24 month aged

  • Add Scilian anchovies – $4
appetizers insalate

Bresaola e Parmigiano – $14

Air-dried salted beef aged 3 months, served with arugula, cherry tomatoes, Parmigiano-Reggiano 24 month aged and lemon

Burratina e Prosciutto – $15

Imported burrata cheese from Puglia, prosciutto crudo di Parma 20 month aged, EVOO, mixed Italian olives, homemade focaccia

Ahi Poke Tartare – $15

Local Ahi Tuna marinated in chili, soy and sesame oil. Served with cabbage and Asian slaw

Tartare di Tonno all’Italiana – $17

Local Ahi Tuna marinated in lemon, orange, lime and wonton chips, topped with imported burrata cheese from Puglia and basil

Carpaccio di zucchine e burrata – $13

Imported burrata cheese from Puglia, zucchini marinated in an orange, lemon, garlic and thyme sauce finished with a lime and orange zest, served with homemade focaccia

Carpaccio di Filetto – $14

Tenderloin sliced very thin, served raw in a citronette sauce, topped with fresh arugula, salted Italian capers and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano 24 month aged

Appetizers: Formaggi

3 for $14 – 5 for $19 – 7 for $24 (can be mixed with Salumi)

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

Hard, granular cheese from Parma, 24 month aged

Pecorino Sardo DOP young semi-soft or extra vecchio

Extra-Aged and hard salty Italian cheese from Sardinia, made out of sheep’s milk

Asiago DOP

Italian cow’s milk cheese produced in the Asiago Plateau, regions of Veneto and Trentino

Smoked Provola di Agerola

Italian cheese originated near Vesuvius, made from cow’s milk and smoked


Semisoft, mature Italian cheese, with thin crust and strong aroma. Mild  flavor with a fruity tang

Gorgonzola Dolce

Veined Italian blue cheese, made from unskimmed cow’s milk


Cow’s-milk cheese, typical of Lombardy, with a very soft, creamy texture and a mild and delicate flavor


Appetizers: Salumi

3 for $14 – 5 for $19 – 7 for $24 (can be mixed with Formaggi)


Cold cut from Bologna, made of finely hashed, heat-cured pork and flavored with Pistacchio

Prosciutto Crudo di Parma DOP

Dry cured Italian ham from Parma, 20 month aged


Air-dried salted beef aged 3 months

Prosciutto Cotto

Italian cooked ham from Parma

Spianata Calabra

Spicy salame from Calabria


Savory, fatty, and moist boneless pork roast of Italian culinary tradition


Dry-cured, lightly smoked ham, produced in South Tyrol, Northern Italy

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