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An authentic but unique Milano gourmet pizza, a special dough recipe, an innovative pizza-making process, high-quality Italian ingredients, a holistic approach to the food and beverage world, a focus on sustainable agriculture and farming.

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Ambrogio15 Pizza is authentic Milan-Style Pizza known for its paper-thin crust. Our secret, patented dough recipe begins with imported organic flour and involves a 48-hour rising process, making it lighter and more easily digestible than other pizza varieties. Pizzas can be ordered with different crusts.



Ambrogio15 Focaccia is made in-house from 100% organic stone-ground wheat from Padova, Italy. We import our exclusive flour blends from the Molino Quaglia grain mill. We chose only gourmet DOP certified toppings that are recognized by the European Union as authentic, organic and preservative-free.



Ambrogio15 Antipasti are a collection of appetizers and salads made with gourmet ingredients imported from Italy. In traditional Italian dining, antipasti are the first course to be savored before the main spread. Antipasti make for perfect table share plates or can serve as a meal on their own.



Ambrogio15 Formaggi is our specially curated cheese offerings. Each Italian-imported cheese is DOP Certified by the Italian government guaranteeing production and packaging at the traditional place of origin. For example, our Parmigiano-Reggiano is made in the city of Parma and free of additives.



Ambrogio15 Salumi are assorted cold cuts and meats carefully selected from DOP certified, free range farms throughout Italy. Our Salumi offerings undergo a unique curing, aging or cooking process at its original geographical source, making each of our high quality meats exceptionally flavorful.



Ambrogio15 Desserts are the grand finale to an authentic Italian dining experience. Each classic confection is served Ambrogio15 style: lightly sweetened and never heavy. We make our inspired desserts in house using only the finest organic, sustainable ingredients imported from Italy. Buonissimi!




Ambrogio15 biodynamic wines come from a consortium of small-scale wine makers. Called CoViBio, the coalition represents six different Italian regions and focuses on biodiversity, sustainability, and natural agriculture. All the wine is produced according to the scientific criteria of the modern biodynamic method that Rudolf Steiner handed over to farmers in 1924.


Biodynamic Wine in San Diego AMBROGIO15

Latest News about our Pacific Beach Location

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February 7, 2020

On Valentine’s Day, there’s one thing you can get at Ambrogio15 that you won’t get any other day. Heart Shaped Pizza. We Love all of you!

February 6, 2020

Verdict has come down, Ambrogio15 has been voted Best Pizza in San Diego for 2020 by journalists at the San Diego Union Tribune. And we want you to try it.

December 4, 2019

We’ll host a very unique dinner centered around Brunello di Montalcino, to support the Dog Rescue Foundation of our dear friend Steve, Labs&More Rescue.

October 30, 2019

Jacques Calame has dedicated himself to promote and execute the vision of the Ambrogio15 Milano Pizza Experience – High quality Italian food and wine.

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