Little Italy Food Hall Welcomes Ambrogio15

June 11, 2018 0

The highly anticipated Little Italy Food Hall is opening Summer 2018 and they’ve invited Ambrogio15 to be a permanent guest at the party. Ambrogio15 will set up shop in the newly built 11,000 square foot building adjacent to Piazza della Famiglia on West Date Street between India and Colombia. The indoor space will be centered around a bar that emphasizes local spirits, fine wines and craft beer. People working in the nearby boroughs, such as downtown San Diego, will soon be equipped to order a gourmet Italian meal without eating up their entire lunch hour at Little Italy Food Hall. Guests can enjoy some out-of-office relaxation in the outdoor piazza while taking in the gorgeous surroundings including a tile-covered fountain. Make some time to savor Ambrogio15 Milan-Style pizzas at the Piazza della Famigilia and feel like you’re in full vacation-mode.

Exclusive Menu for Little Italy Food Hall

Ambrogio15 will serve a scaled down version of its Pacific Beach restaurant menu to accommodate express service within the Little Italy Food Hall. A smaller menu does NOT mean we’re compromising the quality, freshness, or taste of our food. As always, every Ambrogio15 dish is hinged on authenticity, and we’ll continue to include Italian DOP certified ingredients throughout our menu. Our main area of expertise is preparing pizza the Milano, and we’re serving seven styles of our most loved paper-thin crust pies at Little Italy Food Hall. Naturally, great pizza begins with great dough, and we make ours with 100% stone ground wheat flour stretched to 12 inches diameter. Little Italy Food Hall pizzas can be customized with add-on toppings and whole wheat or gluten free crust. Also available are fresh salads adorned with lush cherry tomatoes and Parmigiano-Reggiano and delectable meat and cheese plates.

Inspired by Town Squares in Europe

One of the fondest experiences you can have in Europe is visiting a beautiful town square. In a word, “square” translates to “Piazza” in Italian which has taken on a new (but not quite so new) meaning in terms of metropolitan geography. Piazzas are a central element to major European cities and are especially important for social gatherings. They serve a locus for the community to both mingle and linger outdoors. Passing time in a piazza is far more desirable than dwelling in small spaces during the summer heat. That’s why people flock to places like Rome’s Piazza Navona to sip cappuccino, indulge in gelato, or just admire the outdoor scenery.

Experience Little Italy Food Hall and the Piazza

As of March 2018, San Diego’s Little Italy was made host to the European-inspired Piazza della Famiglia. Just a step outside the doors of Little Italy Food Hall is the beautiful 10,000 square foot outdoor communal Piazza. When there, take notice of the cobblestone lined streets, and draw in your own experience like the visitors of Rome’s Piazza Navona—only much closer to home! As the warmest months are quickly approaching, be sure to include a visit to Piazza della Famiglia to your summer plans. Remember, no visit will be complete without an “al fresco” Ambrogio15 lunch courtesy of Little Italy Food Hall.

You will also be able to order online for pickup as soon as our location is opened.

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