Chief Marketing Officer

June 15, 2022

Milano Five Group, LLC. located in San Diego, CA is seeking a Chief Marketing Officer with a Bachelor degree in Marketing and 1 year experience. Email resume to

Duties are as follows:
• Planning, implementing and overseeing all marketing and advertising campaigns

• Liaising with sales and public relations teams to align objectives

• Building, growing and developing the in-house marketing team

• Building a network of reliable external agencies and marketing professionals

• Conducting market research and staying abreast of competitor positioning

• Contributing to new business development initiatives

• Budget management

• Set and achieve strategic goals related to social media metrics, television advertising and marketing campaign initiatives

• Design and improve upon marketing campaigns for each aspect of our company

• Negotiate compensation and project details for outside contractors related to marketing and promotions

• Create and propagate an enthusiastic brand message that will resonate with our target demographic

• Follow up on daily revenue reports, social media strategies and other components of the marketing program

• Oversee our customer operations department

• Create and develop a strong catering program for each project to increase branding, sales and profits; each catering will need to be tailored to the different product and target market, requiring an extensive knowledge of the Greater San Diego Area and the different customer profiles.

• Develop the existing event planning and transform it into a structured area with a strong focus on expanding the network of the different restaurants and maximize the sales per square footage; in particular, the new C.M.O. will concentrate on
• Wine Club
• Weekly Wine Dinners
• Weekly Gourmet Tastings
• Special Events such as Vegan Night, Gluten-Free Week and Aperitivo Nights
• Private Business Lunch
• External collaboration with famous chefs and sommelier
• Wedding and Rehearsal Dinners
• Birthdays, Graduations
• Participation as a food vendor in wine and food events, music festivals, art festivals and any other off-site event that will increase our brand exposure • Work closely with CEO, each GM of each location, Sommelier and PR to launch each new location

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