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June 13, 2018 0

Anyone who has traveled to Italy will probably tell you they’ve fallen in love. Be it with the people, landscape, architecture, history—there are so many things to love about Italian culture. A huge part of Italy’s social fabric relies on food and its ability to weave people together. Meals are predominantly shared family-style and you can bet there’s always some type of bread and cheese on the table (and wine, too!). Preparing classic dishes means using domestic ingredients—usually produced organically on small scale farms—from the various regions of Italy. For this fact the food and wine that gathers people in Italy tend to be fresher, more nutritious and better tasting than processed, preservative packed foods. Ambrogio15 fosters the same dining experience in San Diego by building their menu around top quality imported Italian ingredients.

Sharing the Milano Food Experience with Specialty Imported Italian Ingredients

Ambrogio15’s benchmark sustenance lies in their thin-crust pizza prepared as they do in Milan, Italy. It took over a year to develop the most crucial part of the recipe: the pizza dough. The crust largely determines whether a pizza is “good” or “not good”, and a lot of that comes down to preference of crust texture and thickness. There’s an old saying “even bad pizza is good pizza” but the Ambrogio15 founders wanted to make more than just “good pizza”. They want their pizza to transcend time and space, in other words taste like authentic Milano pizza. Ambrogio15 customers have noticed their efforts and agree their paper-thin crust recipe hits the mark! Although the dough recipe for this appealing pie style remains a secret, a hint is it includes imported Italian ingredients like organic Petra Flour.

Creating Original Recipes with Top Quality Italian Imported Ingredients

The Italian imported 100% organic Petra flour from the Molino Quaglia grain mill is key in making Ambrogio15 Pizza and Focaccia. Because Molino Quaglia uses the stone grinding technique, the entire wheat berry is represented in their nutrient packed flour. This means their pizzas and focaccias (either the fluffy Nuvola focaccia or the crunchy Scrocchiarella) are easier to digest and healthier for you. The founders also conducted taste tests throughout Italy to create their original topping combinations for their various baked doughs. They found that using the best foods from reputable small-scale sustainable farms makes a better final product.


Imported Italian Ingredients Carrying the Prestigious DOP Label

At this point, Ambrogio15 has fully committed to using the best Imported Italian Ingredients they can access. Today, many items on the Pacific Beach and upcoming Little Italy Food Hall menus are labeled “DOP”, a certification of the Italian government. DOP stands for “Denominazione di Origine Protetta” and translates from Italian to mean “Protected Destination of Origin”. A DOP certification requires adherence to strict guidelines, including the requirement for a food’s production to occur at the place of original conception. In addition to protecting a destination, the DOP label also indicates a top-quality food that’s recognized as such throughout Europe.

Under DOP, the names of specialty foods are protected, meaning you cannot produce Parmesan cheese outside the province of Parma in Northern Italy and carry the DOP seal. At Amrbogio15, the Parmigianino-Reggiano and Prosciutto Crudo di Parma carry DOP labels because they are in fact made in Parma. Other DOP items include Asiago cheese produced in the alpines of the Asiago plateau, Pecorino Sardo cheese made from sheep’s milk in Sardinia, and San Marzano tomatoes which are absolutely essential to Italian cuisine. Next time you visit Ambrogio15, make sure to look for “DOP” throughout our menu of Italian imported ingredients!

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