Eater San Diego writes about Biodynamic Wines

June 20, 2019 0

Eater San Diego is one of the leading online publications about food and wine in Southern California. This week Eater San Diego focused on biodynamic wines in San Diego.

Biodynamic Wines are a breed of their own. It all starts with a philosophy. It is all about the harmony and balance with nature. That harmony is carried in the winemaking techniques used. A lot of wineries use pesticides and fertilizers to up their production, therefore going for a higher yield when it comes to amounts of bottles produced. On the other hand, smaller wineries will focus on nurturing their vineyards and respect the nature surrounding their vines. It will be smaller production, sometimes even boutique production.

Eater San Diego Restaurant Selection

Eater San Diego lists twelve establishments in their article, those are listed from north to south within San Diego County, and includes restaurants in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Escondido, Pacific Beach, North Park, Point Loma, Little Italy and South Park. This gives you a lot of choices when it comes to finding Biodynamic Wines in San Diego.

Ambrogio’s Wine List

Ambrogio15 Owners: Andrea Burrone, Giacomo Pizzigoni and Luca Salvi crafted an exceptional wine list made exclusively from Italian wines that are almost entirely biodynamic. They have built this wine list with the help of Marina Elettra from DOCG Imports and Stefano Butto from Vinity. Those two sommeliers are the reigning Italian wine specialists in San Diego. They have developed the wine list alongside the three owners to showcase small production. For example at a recent wine tasting, Marina Elettra brought a special bottle that was one of forty. Yes the winery produced only 40 bottles of one of their ones for the year. This is not something you will find everywhere.

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In the meantime, come pay us a visit and read about biodynamic wines and on the other hand make sure that you drink responsibly.

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